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Monday, November 21, 2011

Transfer Of Membership

I just wanted to let everyone know that Saturday night was a new experience for me in Masonry. A little over a month ago I put in a petition to transfer membership to another lodge. When I first petitioned to become a Mason I lived in a different town, I have sinced moved to another town. The home lodge town that I lived in is about 25 minutes away from me now and the current town lodge is about 5 minutes away from me.

I felt bad about the petition to transfer at first, feeling like I was letting my home lodge and brothers down. I talked to a few other brothers and the Master of my home lodge. After extensive and careful thought, I realized that I just could not contribute to lodge or Masonry with being that far from my lodge and that a closer lodge would be better for me and the Craft.

I turned in my petition with the help of a brother from the lodge to which I wanted to transfer. I already knew some of the brothers in this lodge as some of them conferred and participated in my degrees.

I got to say, I was a little nervous for some reason. I knew they we voting on it Saturday and I wanted to be there. When it came time, the Master asked me to step out of the lodge room. I went out and talked to the Tyler for a bit. I heard some discussion going on inside the lodge room and it made me more nervous. I though "what could they be saying in there??" A few minutes went by and they came and got me. I went back in and the welcomed and congratulated me. I was a great feeling and I want to let everyone know that I am now a member of Cookeville, TN Lodge 266, Grand Lodge of Tennessee.

I am excited about being a member here, they are a very active and growing lodge with informational and educational classes and activities. This is truly the lodge that I have been looking for.

Thanks to the brothers at my new lodge and I look forward to learning and fellowshipping with you.

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