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I am still very new to Masonry. I was Raised Sept. 20th 2010. I am Looking forward to continuous learning (more light) throughout my life.
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Here is an interesting quote that I read on another blog: www.freemasoninformation.com. It's a great blog, the brother has a lot of great articles that really dig into all aspects of Freemasonry. Go over there and check it out as well.
    That Light (knowledge), that all men are seeking is how to be happy and be at peace. That’s the bottom line! To achieve these states of mind, it has to be attained through spiritual exercises. When someone achieves that level of living, it does manifest itself throughout their whole being, (this is the Christ or enlighten nature of man) and this living becomes a testimony to all who see. But please remember this, it is a process that ebbs and flows which means we have to be constantly working to stay in that realm of happiness and peace.
    Freemasonry has many lessons in its teachings to help guide us towards our enlightment such as; how to divide our hours and what it should pertain to. It is reminding you of your True Nature (from whence came you?), it is also telling you why you’re experiencing some difficulties (passions not being subdued). I do believe that all men have the Light within them; but just as lightbulbs have different wattages, so too men have different levels of Light within themselves and I believe it’s because of their environmental associations.
     But because he is determined to keep working on the internal self, his external self along with his environment will definitely change (or should I say become brighter). Yes, we are conservators of this Light, but we’re only one of many. Truth comes in many forms of teachings and we will forever be the Teacher (dispenser of Light) as well as the Student (seeker of Light), it’s a balancing act we have to learn to do. Just my opinion.
Bro. Jerome Womack
New Beginning #970
Great quote. Thanks brother Womack. I agree completely with this Brother, to "be happy and be at peace" are things that we strive for everyday even if it is subconciously. Most things we do are to produce a level of happiness, whether it's a hobby, dating someone, or a job to make money. The more satisfied we are with ourselves, the more satisfied we are in life and with other people. It all starts on the inside. Work on our own "light" and it will change everything around us.

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